I don’t want your hope. I want your action. I want you to panic.
– Greta Thunberg, Climate Activist

There are many channels of action, starting with your simply gaining an awareness of the root causes of our world’s challenges. You can have a positive impact and inspire others by working on projects, through advocacy and by teaching.


Both applicable to our challenges and containing an application component, that the learning includes activities and feedback. Chances for hands-on practice and evaluation give the learner…


From speaking up about ethical issues in a business meeting to blogging about the root causes of our world’s challenges and about existing and possible solutions, advocacy takes many shapes and sizes.


Taking action in the community or in your professional capacity, you, as an individual or in a team, can be the change. Join with others to go further and toward bigger impact.

Find positive-impact projects, jobs or internships.


Everyone’s a Teacher!
Do you have expertise or are a highly-skilled enthusiast? Share your knowledge and skills with others to multiply your positive impact. We’ll guide you to creating your own tutorial or course.

“We could change the world tomorrow, if all the millions of people around the world acted the way they believe.”
– Dr. Jane Goodall, Environmental Activist & Scientist