The journey of change starts with the first step of awareness.

Of our world’s many challenges, the most serious is global warming. Unless we take action now, the climate emergency could affect, even threaten, our livelihoods.

Compounding this are the perennial problems of corruption and systemic economic violence, as well as threats to democracy and to human rights.

Our challenges are all human-made, stemming from our separation from nature, ourselves and from one another. We’ve found ways to shield mentally and emotionally ourselves from devastation of nature, the social fabric and from our own emotions. To start to become the change we want to see, develop empathy for ourselves and others. We must reconnect.

“We cannot solve our problems using the same thinking that went into creating them.”

“Now that I am aware, I can never look at things the same way.”

Awareness Courses

Build Your Awareness
by re-connecting with self, nature and people. These short courses of a few hours illustrate our current challenges and invite hope.