Once we become aware of our environmental dependence on nature and our social, economic and political interdependence on one another can we apply this understanding to our world’s most pressing challenges by putting planet and people before profit.

In the sciences and in education, we still make divisions into distinct disciplines or subject areas, even though we understand that nature cannot be categorized this way. True also for our current challenges, they’re multi-disciplinary or interdisciplinary. Our approaches to solving them must be as well. Ever more learning curricula now include problem-based or project-based courses.

Awareness and learning are a transformation of the self. You will never be the same again.

Just as our world’s challenges depend on our taking immediate action, the transformation that learning opportunities can offer the learner depends on the application of knowledge, the hand-on practicing of skill, and the subsequent feedback. We, at College for a Better, look at learning in terms of how it can transform the individual and the world.

Learning Marketplace

The Learning Marketplace holds learning opportunities — tutorials, courses, programs and projects —  curated in how they share our vision of an environmentally sustainable, social just, and spiritually fulfilling human presence on this planet. They contribute to a better world for all by encouraging sustainable ways of thinking and acting.

Our Curation Criteria

Must haves

  • Solid learning objectives and content
  • Application focus and action orientation
  • Tools used for good and that do no harm
  • Aligned with our vision for a sustainable future.

Nice to have

  • Focus on the Sustainable Development Goals/SDGs
  • Climate-emergency Drawdown solution emphasis
  • Measureable positive impact.

Learning Marketplace

Tutorials, courses and programs of varying lengths, some leading to degrees or certificates.

Learning Path Coaching

Learning Path Coaching & Career Courses offer some direction and feedback.