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– George

Q: Is the College for a Better World (C-FAB) an education institution?2019-10-23T10:11:52+02:00

A: C-FAB is not a college in the traditional sense of an education institution. It’s a learning opportunities marketplace with tutorials, courses, programs and projects focused on how the knowledge, skills and project actions contribute to a sustainable future. The term “college” in the name refers to an “organized group of professionals engaged in a common pursuit, aims, interests or duties.” *
* Merriam-Webster dictionary & Oxford Living Dictionaries

Q: Is the College for a Better World (C-FAB) accredited? 2019-10-23T10:11:48+02:00

C-FAB is a curated collection of tutorials, courses, learning programs and action projects offered by individuals, schools, universities and other organizations. Many of the learning opportunities listed on our platform are from nationally or regionally accredited institutions. Many others are not accredited. While we cannot guarantee their quality, C-FAB takes steps to check that the learning objectives share our vision in at least one of the three areas and that the instructional quality is solid. We also rely on our community for feedback.

Q: Will I be able to obtain a qualification from the College for a Better World (C-FAB)?2019-10-23T10:22:56+02:00

A: C-FAB is not an education institution and does not issue qualifications. C-FAB publishes available learning opportunities in subject areas that contribute to making our world a better place. Many of the course and programs listed can lead to qualifications, such as degrees and certificates. For details, please check the Learning Marketplace listings as posted by the offering institution.

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