“Now that I am aware, I can never look at things the same way.” – George

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Russell Jones
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Monika Maj
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“​I was utterly sick — sick of the dichotomy between my convictions and my inaction. On the one hand, I was aware that we, as a human race, have been destroying our planet through our greed and lack of concern. As a result, we were headed off the proverbial cliff. I knew that something needed to be done soon. What sort of world would I be leaving to my children and their children? On the other hand, the extent of my “activism” was separating my trash for recycling and liking and commenting on random posts appearing in my social media feeds. I was professing concern for the serious issues of our time but was not actually doing anything significant to solve them. I saw this incongruence and my hypocrisy, and wanted to become part of the solution. I really needed to take action, the type of pragmatic, focused and effective action that you take when your house is burning (because it is). But how?  I understood that systems change could only happen by replacing the old thinking that went into creating our problems with new, sustainable ways of thinking and acting. With College for a Better World, I’ve set out to curate and co-create opportunities for learning and action, in the hope of creating a sustainable future for us all.

– Russell, Founder & Vision Keeper

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